Ipso Facto by Don Leichel


Science is a sound basis for understanding our world. The Bible is full of unresolved mysteries that have fascinated readers through the ages.Now there have been a number of sensational breakthroughs that have compelled Don Leichel to write this book.

The result is an informative, fact-filled work, uniquely tracing the development of the Messianic concept from the beginning of human history. Ipso Facto investigates a range of primary sources, many revealed here for the first time, to provide a credible insight into everything that has come down to us from ancient Biblical history.

The sum of proofs shows the existence of a timeless Super-Intelligence, the God of the Universe in the Bible, reaching out to mankind. The conclusive evidence produced makes the case for Judeo-Christianity as the only faith of reason in the world that can stand the test of scientific cynicism.

Among the outstanding features investigated is the astronomical phenomenon interpreted at Pharaohís court around the birth of Moses. The historical marker designates the Egyptian dynasty and the names of the Pharaoh and his daughter who adopted Moses.

Evidence produced from historic writings shows that Mosesí upbringing as a true Egyptian prepared the way for him to become the second Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. Coincidental with a twist of fate, he reigned thirteen years over a unified Egypt.

Identical astronomical precedents following the birth of Moses establish the nature of the Star of Bethlehem as a historic marker for the birth, both month and year, of Jesus Christ. The biography of Jesus is ratified by the writings of Daniel, communicated to him in cipher during his encounters with heavenly messengers.

Other astronomical readings and historical reports have helped to determine the month and year of the Passion of Christ, verified also by Danielís encoded numbers and found to be consistent with the Gospels.

Cracking other codes pertaining to the Messiah promised to save the world from a spiritual crisis is only part of a wide range of indisputable scientific and historic evidences. A new perspective is added to the most intensively studied and tested linen cloth in the world, with its 3-D snapshot of a crucified man, claimed as the surreal image of Jesus Christ.

Vital proof unearthed recently by Jewish archaeologists could tip the balance towards the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, given that carbon dating tests were not based on pure samples from the original linen.

The application of laser technology and other objective scientific analysis set out in Ipso Facto are decisive in revealing the almost unthinkable: evidence for the resurrection of Jesus in accordance with New Testament reports.

Parallel to a development meriting global attention is the use of modern scanning technologies to trace the location of the lost Ark of the Covenant. Ipso Facto demonstrates that such discoveries could herald the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and make the Bible an open book for today.

Don Leichelís systematic investigation of the most impressive series written in world history will be of interest to a wide range of readers. To read more, please visit www.oceanbooks.co.nz